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Learn about Contraception Options

Location: Third floor

Telephone: 734-764-8320

Clinic hours Sept-April:

Mon and Tues:  8 AM – 5 PM
Wed: 8:30 AM - 5 PM
Thurs:  9 AM – 5 PM
Fri:  8 AM – 4:30 PM
Sat and Sun: Closed

* Closed for lunch noon-1 PM 


  • Routine Women's Health Exams
  • Contraception
  • Diagnosis and treatment for women's health concerns, including vaginal infections, sexually transmitted infections, menstrual irregularities or problems, pain with intercourse and much more
  • Immunizations for HPV, Tdap and flu can be combined with a visit to the Women's Health Clinic; otherwise, please schedule immunizations with the UHS Allergy, Immunization & Travel Health Clinic

How to schedule an appointment:

See Schedule an Appointment. Please tell the scheduler about all needs and concerns so adequate time can be allowed. 

Where to learn about contraception (birth control):

  • UHS Online Contraception Education Program helps you compare methods and learn costs at UHS
  • Method Match  is an interactive program to help you select a method, from the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals.
  • Clinicians can discuss contraceptive options. Please Schedule an Appointment
  • Free condoms and other safer sex supplies are available for U-M students in UHS Wolverine Wellness (room 2110).
  • Products such as condoms, spermicide and lubricants are available at the UHS Pharmacy

How to get prescription contraception:

  • Many methods are available by prescription only.
  • To get a prescription, visit a clinician  -- see Schedule an Appointment.
  • Your clinician may recommend a Routine Women's Health Exam, which may include a pelvic exam and possibly a screening for cervical cancer (e.g Pap test) and discusses contraceptive choice before prescribing. (Pap tests are not necessarily required; your clinician will determine any needs based on your age and medical history.)
  • If you want a pelvic exam during your visit, schedule your appointment for when you are not menstruating or when your menstrual flow is very light.
  • See Contraception Cost, Insurance and Payment.


  • Services at UHS are confidential.
  • Sensitive services such as contraception-related visits and testing for sexually transmitted infections (STI) or pregnancy are not billed to a student's insurance while the student is currently enrolled.
  • Prescriptions that are billed to prescription insurance may appear on statements. If you have concerns, please contact your insurance company. 
  • See Confidentiality at UHS for more information.


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