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This insurance plan protects against significant financial loss if students are unable to complete a term due to illness (physical or psychological). For a very reasonable cost, you can protect your financial investment for the entire academic year. 

This page provides highlights of the plan. Details are available online or in brochures. 

To purchase for Spring and/or Summer terms, please call the Dewar Insurance Company at 617-774-1555. Spring or Spring/Summer purchase deadline is May 10. Summer purchase deadline is July 10. 

On this page:

Why buy tuition insurance?

Proud Michigan mom Jan Afonso explains:

In early fall 2012, ten minutes before the deadline, I stared at the "Submit" button, engaged in a debate with myself over the decision to purchase tuition insurance.

On the one hand, my son was a healthy 21-year-old who rarely even caught a cold. Why should I bet against his continued good health? On the other hand, with two children now in college, the loss of a semester of tuition seemed scarier than before. And the price was only around $100 for the whole year.

Thankfully logic prevailed. I pressed "Submit" and proceeded to forget all about it, until two months later, when my son was in an accident and facing a four-month recovery process.  He had to withdraw for that semester, but tuition was one less thing we had to worry about during that difficult time. The story ends well. He recovered fully and will graduate in August.

I recommend the insurance program to everyone, hoping they will never actually need to use it, but confident that the potential benefits and peace of mind far outweigh the cost.

The cost of education today is a substantial investment. Students and parents may face significant financial loss if students are unable to complete a term due to illness (physical or psychological). This plan may be especially useful if students have a health condition that could compromise their ability to complete a term. This plan:

  • Significantly extends and enhances the University's published withdrawal policy.
  • Provides funds that can help to pay back loans, grants and scholarships.
  • Is offered by Dewar Insurance Company, a private insurance carrier, and originated in 1930 to protect the financial investment of students and parents in education.
  • Is available at over 1100 schools throughout North America.


All registered students at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor and Dearborn campuses) may purchase the plan for the current school year. It may be available on the Flint Campus at a later date.

Benefits and documentation:

The plan refunds 85% of the insured term's tuition and fees (excluding required health insurance for international students), Ann Arbor campus only University Housing fees (room and board), less any refund or credit due from the University, if a student completely withdraws from the University due to physical or psychological reasons.

For injury or sickness withdrawals, a licensed physician must provide a written statement that a physical condition is the reason for withdrawal.

For psychological/emotional withdrawals, a licensed doctor must provide a written statement that a psychological/emotional condition is the reason for withdrawal. Diagnosis must be classified in accordance with the American Psychiatric Associations's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSMV-IV).

In both cases above, a "complete withdrawal" from the University is required. This means that the student will not be able to complete the term and will not receive any academic credit because of injury or sickness. This coverage does not apply if students drop classes and do not completely withdraw for the term. A written statement from a doctor certifying the injury or sickness and college verification will be required.

See withdrawal information:

Exclusions (what this plan does not cover):

  • War or any act of war, declared or undeclared
  • Terrorism
  • Taking part in a riot
  • Failure to attend classes for any reason other than injury or sickness
  • Withdrawal when credit was received for an incomplete term
  • Nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination

Coverage periods:

Tuition Insurance covers a full term from first to last day of classes, less any monies refunded by the University based on date of withdrawal. Ann Arbor campus only University Housing reimbursement is based on authorized move-out date.

Coverage can be purchased for an academic year (Fall and Winter semesters) or a single term. If you purchase coverage for a full academic year but for any reason the student does not return for subsequent terms, notify the insurance company and any unused premium will be refunded.


For costs, see Dewar Insurance Company  website (select University of Michigan then Ann Arbor or Dearborn campus).

How to purchase:

You can purchase either online at Dewar Insurance Company  (select University of Michigan) or via paper applications that will be sent to new students (Ann Arbor and Dearborn campuses) at their home addresses in July.

Applications to purchase must be postmarked by the following dates in order to begin coverage, and no application will be accepted after these dates:

Spring / Summer
Purchase deadline for
all students on
Ann Arbor and Dearborn campuses
EXCEPT Law students
September 10 January 10 Spring or Spring/Summer: May 10
Summer: July 10
Purchase deadline for
Law students on Ann Arbor campus
September 10 January 20 Contact Dewar

Payment must be submitted at the time of application.


Claims should be reported within 30 days from occurrence or as soon as it is reasonably possible.

Claim forms with full instructions are available online at Dewar Insurance Company , at the UM-Ann Arbor Office of the Registrar, UM-Dearborn Office of Registration & Records and UHS Managed Care/Student Insurance Office.

The student's doctor should complete the Student Medical Authorization Form. The Student Medical Authorization along with The Student Information Release should be submitted to the UM Registrars Office, Suite 1207 LS&A Building 500 S. State Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109.  

Benefit payment will be made to the University to be credited to the student's account. UM grants or scholarships will be credited back to the University. Benefits not required to settle the student's account with the University will be refunded to the student through the University.

Tuition Refund Insurance Committee (TRIC):

TRIC serves as representatives for the students of the UM’s Ann Arbor and Dearborn campuses, providing ongoing oversight for an affordable, yet adequate tuition refund insurance plan. For more information, see Tuition Refund Insurance Committee.

For more information:

Dewar Insurance Company
Four Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02169
Phone 617-774-1555
Information, online applications, and claim forms (choose University of Michigan)

UHS Managed Care/Student Insurance Office
Phone 734-764-5182 or toll-free 866-368-0002
Information, applications and claim forms

UM-Ann Arbor Office of the Registrar
500 South State Street
Brochures and claim forms
Full Term Tuition and Fees
How to Withdraw from a Term

UM-Dearborn Office of Registration & Records
4901 Evergreen Road
1169 University Center
Dearborn, MI 48128
Phone 313-583-6500; Fax 313-593-5697
Brochures and claim forms
Withdrawing from Term
Tuition and Fees

Additionally, brochures can be found on the Ann Arbor campus at:

  • Campus Information Centers
  • Michigan Union
  • Pierpont Commons