University Health Service

University of Michigan student in front of the Taj Majah

UHS works with travel coordinators on the U-M Ann Arbor campus to provide education, vaccinations and medications for students who are traveling abroad.

Each year, thousands of U-M students receive Travel Health Services at UHS. Many groups travel at the same time, so it's important that you contact UHS as soon as you are aware of travel health needs. By scheduling appointments early, your students will have the opportunity to receive needed services.

As a travel coordinator, you should:

  • Determine if your students; destinations might need Travel Health Services. The CDC travel health website has valuable resources that can help you with this. You may also email specific questions to
  • Email as soon as possible, but at least 2 months before departure to start the process. Appointment slots fill quickly during peak travel season.
  • UHS will help you with billing, if appropriate. See Prices and Insurance for Immunizations (PDF)
  • Notify UHS of any changes to the timing of travel, time at a destination, or itinerary change, because this may impact the timing of appointment at UHS and recommended immunizations or medications.

 Travel Coordinators should inform their students of the following:

  • Travel for students itinerary may need or require immunizations that they have not previously received. Their de'stination may have insect-borne infections that require the use of medications to reduce the risk of acquiring these infections.
  • If Travel Health Services is needed or desired, it is critical to start the process early to ensure an appointment.
  • Students need to locate their immunization records through their State Health Department, previous physician, or personal records and submit these as soon as possible with the completed UHS Travel form (DOWNLOAD TRAVEL HEALTH FORM PDF)
  • A UHS representative will contact the student to schedule an appointment 2-3 days after UHS has received the completed travel form AND IMMUNIZATION RECORDS. Appointments will not be scheduled until both the travel form and immunization records are received.
  • Instruct their students to complete the online Travel Health Education Program before their appointment.
  • After the student has scheduled their appointment, any changes to their itinerary needs to be communicated with UHS to ensure appropriate services can be provided in a timely fashion.
  • Payment will be due at the time of service for any immunization or medications that the sponsoring department or program does not cover.