University Health Service

Specialty Clinics

Specialty Clinics at UHS are for health problems that cannot be addressed through our Medical Clinic, Women's Health Clinic and ancillary services. 

Women's Health Clinic

Women can get health exams, contraception, and diagnosis and treatment for women's health concerns here.

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Allergy Shots

To receive allergy shots prescribed by a U-M allergist, Schedule an Appointment

To receive allergy shots at UHS that are prescribed by a home (non-U-M) allergist:

Explain to your home allergist that you want to get allergy shots at University Health Service at the University of Michigan. You may wish to provide the instructions included here or direct them to this webpage. 

You will need to arrange a supply of antigen from your home allergist. (UHS does not prepare antigen.)

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STI Assessment

Learn how you can get assessed for sexually transmitted infections.


Pregnancy Testing

Wondering if you could be pregnant? Learn about pregnancy testing at UHS.