University Health Service

Nurse checking ear of patient


How can I see or talk to a nurse?

Please call (734) 764-8320 to schedule. You can also call for Nurse Advice by Phone, day and night, which may save you a trip to UHS or the ER.

Are crutches available at UHS?

Yes, crutches and canes can be purchased at UHS. You must first see a clinician to be assessed for your need and to receive an order. Clinic staff will then provide the crutches or cane along with instructions on proper use. 

Are wheelchairs available at UHS?

Wheelchairs are available for use only at UHS. UHS does not lend or rent wheelchairs. For rental, contact Hometown Pharmacy, (734) 747-8080, 2355 East Stadium Blvd #1, Ann Arbor.