University Health Service

Do you need a copy of your immunization records from UHS?

Please follow instructions at Health Records.

All incoming students are expected to submit their immunization records, preferably at least 30 days before classes begin.  

However, you cannot submit records now, because we are building a new system to collect records. We request your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

For questions, you may call Carol at 734-647-4657 or email

What is recommended or required?

Are immunizations recommended? U-M recommends that students come to school fully immunized to protect their health. Immunizations are one of the most effective public health measures in preventing communicable diseases.

Are immunizations required? Can I register for classes if I don’t have immunizations or submit my immunization records? Immunizations are not a University requirement. Students can register for classes without immunizations and without submitting their immunization records, however academic programs or volunteer activities may have different requirements.

Which immunizations are recommended?

Is a tuberculosis (TB) test required? A TB test is not a University requirement, however academic programs or volunteer activities may have different requirements.

Is a physical exam required? A physical exam is not a University requirement, however athletic teams or clubs may have different requirements. Check with the team or club to be sure.

Does UHS give immunizations? Are there fees? Immunizations are available at the UHS Allergy, Immunization and Travel Health Clinic for a fee. Students under 18 years old need written parental consent to receive immunizations. A parent/guardian can complete the Authorization for Consent to Treatment of a Minor form.

For more information:

For Students provides key information about health and wellness for new U-M students.

For Parents offers suggestions for helping your student make a healthy transition to college.

Call 734-764-8320 ext 2 or email