University Health Service

Safe Medication Disposal

Now you can dispose of unused and unwanted medications at UHS, with the MedSafe take-back program.

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Flu and Vaccination

Flu is here! Learn what to do if you get flu, and how to get a flu shot to prevent flu and protect our community

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Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan 2017-18

Here are highlights of the 2017-18 plan, which is available for purchase by U-M students who are enrolled in classes or between terms. The deadline for purchase for coverage period 1/1/18-8/23/18 is January 31, 2018.

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Stay in the Blue: Download the app!

Staying in the Blue can help you get what you want while avoiding the stuff you don't want, by keeping your blood alcohol content (BAC) at .06 or below.

Stay in the Blue: .06 or below, non-drinkers are always in the Blue

Wolverines Wash

In just 15+ seconds, you can reduce your risk of getting sick, as well as help protect others. That's why Wolverines Wash! 

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