University Health Service

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The University of Michigan offers a low-cost, comprehensive, voluntary health insurance plan for U-M students. The deadline for purchase for coverage 1/1/18-8/23/18 is Thursday, January 31, 2018.

This insurance plan was developed with student needs in mind:

  • The cost for an individual student is $1,202 for coverage 1/1/18 - 8/23/18.
  • It provides coverage with a wide array of benefits, including clinic visits, medication, annual vision exam, hospitalization and emergency care.
  • Coverage is available throughout the U.S.
  • It complies with the Affordable Care Act.
  • It is available to U-M enrolled students and their spouses, domestic partners and dependents.
  • It is sponsored by U-M in collaboration with the Central Student Government (Ann Arbor campus).

You can purchase the plan at Aetna Student Health.

For more information, see Domestic Student Health Plan.

For questions please email