University Health Service

Resources to explore your marijuana use:

  • Wellness Coaching is a confidential, non-judgemental discussion offered free to all U-M students who want to explore their marijuana use.
  • e-TOKE (Marijuana e-CHECKUP TO GO) is an online, personalized, brief screening tool that lets you see how your marijuana use, family risk and campus norms affect your life and future. 

Marijuana Laws in the State of Michigan

  • While the State of Michigan legalized the possession and use of limited amounts of marijuana in non-public places for individuals 21 years and older, the use of recreational or medicinal marijuana in any form, including edibles and extracts, will remain prohibited by university policy and federal law for all students, faculty and staff.
  • Possession of marijuana on U-M property is a misdemeanor with the possible consequences of fines, arrest, and jail time.
  • The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008 conflicts with federal laws, so the use, possession, cultivation or sale of marijuana continues to violate U-M polices and is prohibited on U-M property.
  • Possession of marijuana in the city of Ann Arbor (but not U-M property) is a civil infraction with a fine that increases with each event.

Learn more at FAQ - Marijuana and U-M from Division of Public Safety and Security 


Marijuana in the News

Marijuana edibles can be unpredictable.  Are products consistent from one to the next? How many "doses" are included? Are they labeled well so people have a choice over how much they ingest? Due to lack of standardization in the business and no FDA regulation, edibles are a bit of a mystery and it's easy to ingest more than you intend. Edibles also take much longer to feel the effects than smoking/inhaling. Check out this Marijuana Edibles Fact Sheet by the County of Los Angeles Public Health for more details.

Does marijuana reduce opioid overdose deaths? The jury is still out.