University Health Service

Do you need a copy of your immunization records from UHS? Please follow instructions at Health Records.

All incoming students are expected to submit their immunization records via an online form, preferably at least 10 days before classes begin. 

This page provides instructions and link to the online form.

Instructions for submitting immunization records:

Students enter their records online through Wolverine Access. Documents cannot be uploaded.

First, prepare by gathering all records and plan to enter them at one time. This is important because you can submit only once, and you cannot make changes in Wolverine Access after submission. (To document immunizations after submission, see instructions below.)  Requested information includes:

  • Student’s name, address, phone number, marital status, ethnicity and race
  • Student’s parent/s’ names
  • All immunizations received and dates received.  If you do not know month or day of an immunization, enter what you know in ”MM/DD/YYYY" format, or you may leave date fields blank entirely.  

When entering, follow these tips:  

  • Be sure entries are as accurate as possible. There is no “review and confirm all entries” step prior to submission.
  • Do not use the Back button. Instead, use in-system navigation. 
  • If you do not find a match for your immunization, enter it in the "Other" section at the end of the form. Example: If you received "meningitis conjugate" vaccine, enter it in the "Other" section. 
  • If you wish to retain your entries, print or take a screen shot of each page individually.
  • Keep your original records so you can refer to them. 

When you are ready to enter records, click the button below and FOLLOW THIS SEQUENCE (otherwise you may not find the form in Wolverine Access):
1. Choose Student Business
2. Choose Student Center
3. Choose Personal Information
4. Choose Immunizations (at bottom left)

      Ready to complete the form now?  

      on Wolverine Access

      Frequently asked questions about submitting immunization records:

      Why should I submit my immunization records? University Health Service (UHS) uses immunization records to provide health care to students. In addition, students often need their immunization records for academic programs, volunteer activities and travel.

      What if I cannot submit my records at least 30 days before classes start? If you cannot submit records early, you may submit them later.

      How can I find my immunization records? Contact your health care provider(s), high school or other institutions where immunizations were required.

      How can I find out if I've had all recommended immunizations? Ask your health care provider to review your records, determine any needs (immunity against many diseases on the form can be determined through tests) and provide recommended immunizations.

      I received another immunization after I submitted my records. How can I update my record at UHS?

      1. Photocopy your new immunization record in English
      2. Write your full name and date of birth on it
      3. Attach a note saying that it is an update
      4. Send it to:

        University Health Service
        HIM - Forms
        207 Fletcher St.
        Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1050

      I'm having trouble with the online form. What should I do?  You may complete this form, and attach and mail records:

      Immunization Form (PDF)
      to use if you have problems
      with online form

      What is recommended or required?

      Are immunizations recommended? U-M recommends that students come to school fully immunized to protect their health. Immunizations are one of the most effective public health measures in preventing communicable diseases.

      Are immunizations required? Can I register for classes if I don’t have immunizations or submit my immunization records? Immunizations are not a University requirement. Students can register for classes without immunizations and without submitting their immunization records, however academic programs or volunteer activities may have different requirements.

      Which immunizations are recommended?

      • Flu – Annually
      • Hepatitis B – Three doses
      • Human papilloma virus (HPV) – Three doses for
        students ages 11-26
      • Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) – Two doses
      • Meningitis – Recommended for all first-year students living in residence halls; other students under age 25 may choose to be vaccinated to reduce their risk of disease; ask your health care provider if a booster is recommended
      • Polio – Primary series completed
      • Tetanus-diptheria – Primary series completed and booster of Td or Tdap within the last 10 years
      • Varicella (chicken pox), if you haven't had disease

      Is a tuberculosis (TB) test required? A TB test is not a University requirement, however academic programs or volunteer activities may have different requirements.

      Is a physical exam required? A physical exam is not a University requirement, however athletic teams or clubs may have different requirements. Check with the team or club to be sure.

      Does UHS give immunizations? Are there fees? Immunizations are available at the UHS Allergy, Immunization and Travel Health Clinic for a fee. Students under 18 years old need written parental consent to receive immunizations. A parent/guardian can complete the Authorization for Consent to Treatment of a Minor form.

      For more information:

      For Students provides key information about health and wellness for new U-M students.

      For Parents offers suggestions for helping your student make a healthy transition to college.

      Call 734-764-8320 ext 2 or email