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What is IMEP?

IMEP is a confidential, strength-based discussion offered free to all U-M students who want to explore their marijuana use. It's focused on what a student thinks about where marijuana (and other drugs, if applicable) fit into a student's life.  It's a friendly conversationwith no "shoulds" or "have-tos."  If there are changes students want to make, we can support them.

There are two sessions two-to-four weeks apart. Some students attend IMEP to fulfill a requirement as a result of a marijuana-related policy or legal violation, while others participate because they would like to learn moderation strategies to reduce negative consequences.  We also see students who are trying to figure out whether moderation or abstaining makes more sense to them.

What do students say?

It was an amazing experience. [My facilitator] was so kind and so open and helped me reevaluate what my goals in life and with my community were. Great discussion...​

I felt extremely comfortable talking about many things I've never talked about with anyone else. [My facilitator] was not judgmental whatsoever, and was very knowledgeable about the topics, which allowed me to make a good plan.

[My facilitator is] an awesome person and I love talking to her. She really helped me evaluate myself and my life and what I want for it moving forward. 

I appreciate how [my facilitator] took the time to listen and thoroughly understand what I was saying and what I was trying to portray. I also appreciate your understanding marijuana and not assuming that I was [dependent on the drug].

Who are the facilitators?

IMEP facilitators are professional UHS staff and graduate-level interns.

What students can expect:

Program description: IMEP consists of two, one-on-one sessions (with the same facilitator), two-to-four weeks apart. The first session is 90 minutes and the second 60-90 minutes.

  • Discussing the pros and cons of using marijuana for each student.
  • Examining alcohol/other drug consumption patterns, history and related issues.
  • Considering personalized feedback and comparisons with other students.
  • Conducting an overall wellness balance check.
  • Developing patterns for improving health and overall success.
  • Reviewing what is going well in the student's life.

To make an IMEP appointment:

Important tips:

  • Schedule your first meeting only. The second meeting will be scheduled with your facilitator.
  • If you've completed BASICS or IMEP before, schedule only with Marsha, Christina, Carol, Joy or Mary Jo.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email immediately, your appointment was not scheduled.  You may schedule again or call Marsha Benz for assistance 734-647-4656.

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For more information:

Call Marsha Benz, Wolverine Wellness, at 734-647-4656

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