University Health Service

Possible Norovirus Outbreak on Campus - Email to Students 2-17-16

On February 17, 2016, the following email regarding a possible norovirus outbreak on campus was sent to all U-M students on the Ann Arbor campus from Dr. Robert Winfield, U-M Chief Health Officer.

Dear Students,

We are investigating an outbreak of vomiting and diarrhea on campus, first identified among students living in University Housing at West and South Quad.

Between 75 and 100 students have become ill and sought treatment in the last few days.

It Takes Time to Sober Up

A night of heavy partying follows you into the next day because, contrary to popular belief, only time will sober you up.

Screenshot from the Stay in the Blue app

Pathways to Recovery

Students for Recovery is sponsoring a new monthly peer-led meeting called Pathways to Recovery, which is designed to recognize and honor all students in recovery.

Pathways is a celebration of the wide variety of recovery experiences and aims to connect students in recovery, provide hope to those who may be searching for it and fight stigma.  

Pathways to Recovery

Stress and Mental Health

We can all learn to handle stress better for better mental health.

Please explore these webpages for ideas and resources.

Sexual Health

Sexuality is a broad concept - it includes desires, values, identities, behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs. How we take care of ourselves with regard to sexuality is our sexual health. 

The World Health Organization defines sexual health as: