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Safe Medication Disposal

Now you can dispose of unused and unwanted medications at UHS, with the MedSafe take-back program.

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Update to Minor in Possession Law - effective 1/1/18

As of January 1, 2018, the Minor in Possession (MIP) law has changed.  To better understand the legislation, please read below. This information does not serve as legal advice.  For free legal advice, U-M students may contact Student Legal Services at 734-763-9920.

The change does shift a first MIP from a misdemeanor to a civil infraction (this includes a fine without a required court appearance). A subsequent violation remains a misdemeanor.

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Tips for Low Temps

Cold snap!

By minimizing exposure during times of extremely cold weather, you can have more fun, stay comfortable and reduce the risk of health problems. 

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Pertussis (whooping cough)

Pertussis (whooping cough) causes violent coughing that may last for months. During coughing episodes, people may make a "whooping" sound when they try to inhale.

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Wolverines Wash

In just 15+ seconds, you can reduce your risk of getting sick, as well as help protect others. That's why Wolverines Wash! 

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U-M Typology Matrix: Mapping Alcohol and Other Drug Campus and Community Prevention Efforts

This document outlines a typology of programs and policies for preventing and treating campus-based alcohol-related concerns. It can be used to categorize current efforts and to inform strategic planning of multilevel interventions.


Public Policy:

State and federal policy, Ex: MCLL, MIP, Medical Amnesty, DUI, DFSCA, Clery Act, MIP, Medical Amnesty, DUI, DFSCA, Clery Act


Knowledge attitudes, behaviors and intentions: A2C3

Environmental Changes

Request for Programs on Wellness Topics

Want to request a fun and interactive program on a wellness topic? Wolverine Wellness will meet requests whenever possible or help you find other resources.

The process is as follows:

By using our form, you can request information about a program.

When we receive your request, we will forward it to the most appropriate staff member (or student staff), who will call or email you to discuss your request (allow a few days for response). This interaction is key to a successful event.