University Health Service

Tuition Insurance

This insurance plan protects against significant financial loss if students are unable to complete a term due to illness (physical or psychological). For a very reasonable cost, you can protect your financial investment for the entire academic year. Summer purchase deadline is July 10

Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan

Here are highlights of the 2015-16 plan, which is available for purchase by U-M students enrolled in classes or between terms, plus how to purchase and/or pay.  

How the Affordable Care Act Affects U-M Students

Do you need health insurance? The Affordable Care Act requires individuals to have health insurance. Open enrollment through the Health Insurance Marketplace is now closed but this page can help you learn about your options.

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UHS Prepaid Plan

U-M students between semesters and recent alumni, among others, are eligible to purchase a Prepaid Plan for access to UHS services.

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Tuition Refund Insurance Committee (TRIC)

Members of this commitee serve as representatives for the students of the U-M Ann Arbor and Dearborn campuses, providing ongoing oversight for an affordable, yet adequate tuition refund insurance plan.