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If you need health insurance for the upcoming school year, please consider this plan, which was developed with students' needs in mind.

The annual purchase price is $1709, with $100 deductible for in-network care, and $100 deductible for out-of-network care. See more on costs and coverage periods below.

The 2019-20 plan is not yet available for purchase: 

  • Plan details will be available by August 1. 
  • Enrollment begins during the first week of August 2019, for coverage starting August 24.

Why buy this health insurance plan?

  • A low-priced, voluntary plan available to all U-M students through Blue Care Network of Michigan
  • Annual purchase price will be $1709, with an annual deductible of $100 for in-network care and $100 for out-of-network care
  • Coverage includes:
    • Prescription drug coverage
    • Clinic visits
    • Mental health
    • Annual vision exam
    • Hospitalization
    • Emergency room visits
    • Ambulance service
    • Dental coverage
    • And more
  • Coverage throughout the U.S.
  • Complies with the Affordable Care Act, with coverage comparable to a "platinum" plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Sponsored by the University of Michigan

Coverage periods, costs and payment:

2019-20 Policy Year
Coverage Period A. Annual
(See also Annual Installment Payments directly below)
B. Winter C. Spring/ Summer
Effective dates 8/24/19-8/23/20 1/1/20-8/23/20 5/1/20-8/23/20
Payment deadline  9/30/19 1/31/20 5/31/20
End of open enrollment period 9/30/19 1/31/20 5/31/20
Premium Cost:
Student only $1709 $1100 $538
Student + 1 (Adult or Child) $3,352 $2156 $1056
Student + 2 or more $4,995 $3,212 $1,574

Annual Installment Payments: This is an annual plan for the entire policy year. You may elect the annual installment payment, which consists of three payments. Premium payments for Periods 2 and 3 will AUTOMATICALLY be charged to the same form of payment used for Period 1. An email notification will be sent prior to the next payment due date. If your credit card is denied, you will be given the opportunity to provide alternative payment details, but this must be received no later than the deadline as listed below. No late enrollment is allowed. Once Annual Installment Payments are chosen, there are no cancellations and no refunds other than described in (pending).

Premium Cost - Annual Installment Payments (2019-20 policy year):
  1st payment: 2nd payment: 3rd payment:
Effective Dates 8/24/19-1/31/20 2/1/20-5/31/20 6/1/20-8/23/20

Payment deadline

9/30/19 1/15/20 5/15/20
End of open enrollment period 9/30/19 1/31/20 5/31/20
Student only $752 $564 $393
Student + 1 (Adult or Child) $1475 $1106 $771
Student + 2 or more $2,198 $1,648 $1149

For more information:

UHS Managed Care/Student Insurance Office
Phone 734-764-5182 or toll-free 866-368-0002

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