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How to learn about and get contraception... 

Contraception is available:

  • By prescription
  • Without prescription

By prescription:

Many methods are available by prescription only. Prescription methods available at UHS include:

To get a prescription for contraception at UHS:

  • Schedule an appointment by calling 734-764-8320, or see How to Get Health Care.  
  • A physical exam is not required to get a prescription for contraception, except for IUD and diaphragm. If you want a pelvic exam during your visit, schedule your appointment for when you are not menstruating or when your menstrual flow is very light.

  • Your health care provider may recommend a Routine Women's Health Exam, STI Assessment and Pap test, and/or contraceptive management during your visit.

If you have a prescription from elsewhere and want to have it filled at the UHS Pharmacy, you may have your prescription transferred by calling 734-764-7387. UHS Pharmacy staff will ask you for information about your current prescription. 

Without prescription:

Where to learn about contraception:

See also: