University Health Service

The UHS Care Managers know the Michigan student experience inside and out.

They are passionate about college mental health because of the impact that students’ transitions and academic stress can have on overall well-being.

They welcome students to talk about any concerns affecting their health and well-being. 

Care Managers support and promote mental health by:

  • Screening for and addressing depression and high-risk alcohol use
  • Discussing other mental health concerns such as anxiety, sleep problems and eating disorders
  • Connecting patients to support resources, both at U-M and in the Ann Arbor community
  • Exploring how to improve feelings of loneliness, isolation and not belonging
  • Helping patients develop self-care and stress reduction strategies

To connect with a Care Manager (profiles below):

If your birth month is July-December, please contact Diana at (734) 764-7713 or

If your birth month is January-June, please contact Kristina at (734) 647-4666 or

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