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Body Monologue  Audition poster

Are you a poet? A spoken word artist? A singer, a dancer, or just someone who has something you want to say? We are looking for people who want to tell their own unique story about what it is like to live in their bodies in our body-obsessed culture. All types of performances are desired: spoken word, monologues, rants, song, and more! Performances will be 3-5 minutes in length.

The Body Monologues (inspired by the Vagina Monologues) provides a platform for U-M students to share their diverse experiences and stories focused on body image, embodiment, and acceptance in the face of societal and media messages that tell us our worth is tied to our ability to fit the impossible ideals of beauty, ability, race, gender, age, and more.

This year the event will take place on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 7:00pm in the Mendelssohn Theatre.

If you don't have any writing experience, don't worry! Once performers are chosen, they will be guided through a process of writing and performing their own original monologue. If you would like to perform in our February 2015 show, send an email to to get more information and to schedule an audition slot!

We hope that YOU decide to be a part of an amazing night!