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Effective July 1, non-student patients may be affected by the following changes at University Health Service (UHS):

  • Walk-in clinic visits are limited to students only. Non-student patients are no longer eligible for walk-in clinic visits at UHS. If desired, please call 734-764-8320 for nurse advice or to schedule the next available appointment. Also you can see list of local urgent care options at Emergency/After-Hours.

  • Select a Primary Care Physician at UHS. If your health insurance requires a primary care physician (PCP), then you will need to select a PCP at UHS in order to use the clinic. This means that some individuals who previously used UHS may no longer be eligible for services. If you regularly use our clinic but your PCP is elsewhere, you may consider switching to UHS. See more eligibility to use our services at Who Can Use UHS? 

In addition, you may want to know:

  • Call for advice:  For UHS patients, nurse advice by phone is available day or night by calling 734-764-8320.

    • When UHS is open, nurses are available for advice, questions about medications, refill requests and more.
    • When UHS is closed, nurses can advise about urgent concerns.
    • See more on Nurse Advice by Phone
  • Communicate with ease:  The patient portal continues to be a great option for communicating with your health care team. If you don’t have an account, please consider creating one. For details see Patient Portal

  • Renovation: When you visit, you may notice that the 1st and 3rd floors have been renovated. We hope these changes improve your experience and services. 

For questions, please email or call 734-764-8320.

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