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Sober Monitor Training session in action


The Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program offers tailored workshops as well as consultation. To make a request, please complete the form at Programs on Wellness Topics. We appreciate having two-weeks notice for requests.


Sober Monitor Training is a 1.5-hour interactive, skill-based workshop that teaches alcohol risk-reduction strategies and safe party management techniques. It was created to train members of the Greek community who serve as sober monitors at social events, however participation is open to any student organization that may find this training appropriate for their membership.

Goals of this workshop are to help students:

  • Understand the importance of bystander intervention in high-risk situations involving alcohol and/or other drugs
  • Build skills necessary to engage in conflict management, recognize signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning, and use alcohol risk reduction strategies to keep parties and guests safe
  • Understand relevant laws and policies around alcohol
  • Learn general alcohol information like blood alcohol content and standard drink size in the context of party management

To sign up for a Sober Monitor Training session, click here for open sessions.

For more information, questions or to schedule a special Sober Monitor Training for your chapter, email

Or contact Joy Pehlke at 734-763-7808

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing: Motivational interviewing is a client-centered, directive method for enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and resolving ambivalence. (William Miller and Stephen Rollnick,

In collaboration with others, the Wolverine Wellness staff offer a yearly, two-day introduction to motivational interviewing for interested Student Life staff and the students who work with them. Other University faculty, staff and students may participate as space allows.

For more information about Introduction to Motivational Interviewing, contact Marsha Benz, Wolverine Wellness Health Educator, at (734) 647-4656.