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To receive allergy shots prescribed by a U-M allergist, Schedule an Appointment

To receive allergy shots at UHS that are prescribed by a home (non-U-M) allergist:

Explain to your home allergist that you want to get allergy shots at University Health Service at the University of Michigan. You may wish to provide the instructions included here or direct them to this webpage. 

You will need to arrange a supply of antigen from your home allergist. (UHS does not prepare antigen that is prescribed by outside allergists.)

For antigen coming to UHS, please INCLUDE the following information:

  • The patient's:
    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • U-M ID number
    • Best phone number
  • Antigen contents, concentration and expiration date
  • Instruction from home allergist including:
    • Immunotherapy dosage schedule
    • Date and dose of last shots received

You can deliver antigen to UHS, or your home allergist can mail it. UHS accepts delivery Monday-Thursday during Clinic Hours. Include the required information (listed immediately above) and deliver to:

Allergy Clinic
University Health Service
207 Fletcher St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1050

Antigen must be kept cool during transport. We recommend the use of a cooler or ice pack for extended travel / transport of your antigen.

When antigen arrives:

  1. For safety, the treatment plan prescribed by the home allergist will be reviewed and verified, so we have all necessary information.
  2. Afterwards, the patient will be contacted to schedule an appointment. The time between receipt of antigen and the first injection is typically about three weeks.
  3. At that appointment, the patient will be asked to review and sign a consent form before a shot is given.

When the antigen supply is low, we will contact your allergist to request more. We will also fax your allergy shot record to inform your allergist of the patient's progress.

Some home allergists require that the patient visit prior to shipping us additional antigen. Please ask your home allergist their preference, so you can schedule visits over school breaks (e.g. fall, Thanksgiving, winter, spring break, etc) if needed.

Over school breaks or if you are leaving care at UHS, we can send your antigen to your allergist's office, after confirming with them. Please let us know your needs. 

Prices and Insurance:   Prices and Insurance for this Clinic (PDF)

To schedule or for questions, please call 734-764-8320.