University Health Service

a nurse is answering the phone

Save time, call for Nurse Advice  

Calling can save you time and may help you avoid a trip to UHS, the ER or an urgent care facility. 

Nurses can provide advice about self-care or deciding where to go. 

Phone advice is available to currently enrolled U-M students and other UHS patients at no cost.

Nurse advice is available:

  • When UHS is open
  • When UHS is closed on nights / weekends, for urgent health concerns. Please note that when UHS is closed, advice nurses are UNABLE to access U-M electronic health records to:
    • Give test results
    • Refill prescription refills
    • Make or cancel appointments

Call 734-764-8320. Also, please make sure your phone's voicemail is set up and not full, so you can receive messages if you miss the nurse's call.

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