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"I dreaded coming to my first session of BASICS because I was under the impression that it was another survey-filled, superficial meeting about my habits. I quickly learned that this was not the case, and that my counselor actually cared about me and my life from the start and wanted to talk about what is important. Time here was used so efficiently. Would highly consider coming back for anything." UM BASICS student

Use our self-scheduling system! See How to make your first BASICS Appointment. NOTE: ONLY schedule one session.  Your second session will be scheduled with the same facilitator during your first meeting for 2-4 weeks after.


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What is BASICS?

BASICS is a two-session alcohol screening and discussion offered free to all University of Michigan students who want to explore their alcohol use. Note that you need to meet with the same facilitator twice.

Some students attend BASICS to fulfill a requirement as a result of an alcohol-related offense, while others participate because they would like to learn moderation strategies to reduce negative consequences.  We also see students who are thinking about whether they are better off moderating or abstaining.

This program is designed to assist students in examining their own drinking behavior in a judgment-free environment. The goals are selected by the student and aimed at reducing risky behaviors and harmful consequences of drinking.

What do students say?

I feel like I've learned a great deal about myself and the program was very beneficial overall.

Instead of other programs that bash drinking and say never to do it, BASICS seems more realistic, and I appreciate it.

I was very comfortable with my facilitator. Because she wasn't judgmental, I was able to talk with her honestly.

While I participated in the program to complete a requirement ordered by court, I am really glad I had to do so now since it was such a positive experience.

It was a great experience, not solely because it changed my behavior, but provided me with a new perspective and a different way of thinking about drinking.

Who are the facilitators? 

BASICS facilitators are professional staff and graduate-level interns. The program is managed through UHS.

What students can expect:

Program description: BASICS consists of two sessions (with the same facilitator), two-to-four weeks apart, which last 60-90 minutes. All sessions are one-on-one between the student and a trained BASICS facilitator.

Session 1 assesses the student's alcohol consumption patterns, history and related issues.

Session 2 provides personalized feedback based on screenings and discuss ways the student might reduce future health, social and legal risks.

If you are required to complete BASICS due to a University violation or a court requirement, it is important that you contact BASICS in a timely manner. You will receive a deadline for completing both sessions. Remember, sessions occur two to four weeks apart so please plan accordingly. See To Make a BASICS Appointment.

Confidentiality:  Typically, the only information shared with your referral source would be the dates you attended or if you didn't complete the program. There are certain caveats to this, including if a student indicates that s/he may harm him/herself or others, or talks about an event reportable to The Clery Act, information may be disclosed as appropriate.

If a student is required to complete BASICS, he/she will sign a Release of Information form to allow BASICS staff to verify completion. 

How to make a BASICS appointment:

Please schedule only your first meeting. Your second meeting will be scheduled at the end of your first meeting.

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For more information:

Call Marsha Benz, UHS Health Educator, at 734-647-4656